Patrol Leader's Council

image: Eagle_icon19.jpg Senior Patrol Leader
The senior patrol leader (SPL) is elected by the Scouts to represent them as the top youth leader in the troop. He runs all troop meetings, events, activities, the annual program planning conference, and the patrol leaders' council (PLC).
image: Eagle_icon19.jpg Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
The assistant senior patrol leader (ASPL) is the second highest-ranking youth leader in the troop. He is appointed by the senior patrol leader with the approval of the Scoutmaster. The assistant senior patrol leader acts as the senior patrol leader in the absence of the senior patrol leader or when called upon. He also provides leadership to other youth leaders in the troop.
image: Eagle_icon19.jpg Patrol Leader
The patrol leader is the elected leader of his patrol. He represents his patrol on the patrol leader's council and appoints the assistant patrol leader.
image: Eagle_icon19.jpg Assistant Patrol Leader
The assistant patrol leader is appointed by the patrol leader and leads the patrol in his absence. The assistant patrol leader position does not count towards leadership requirements for Star, Life or Eagle.


Other troop leadership positions

image: Eagle_icon19.jpg Quartermaster
The quartermaster keeps track of troop equipment and sees that it is in good working order. He keeps records on patrol and troop equipment, makes sure equipment is in good working condition, and issues equipment and makes sure it is returned in good condition. 
image: Eagle_icon19.jpg Scribe
The scribe keeps the troop records. He records the activities of the patrol leaders' council and keeps a record of advancement and Scout attendance at troop meetings.
image: Eagle_icon19.jpg Historian
The historian preserves troop photographs, news stories, trophies, flags, scrapbooks, awards, and other memorabilia.
image: Eagle_icon19.jpg Librarian
The librarian oversees the care and use of troop books, pamphlets, magazines and audiovisuals.
image: Eagle_icon19.jpg Instructor
The instructor teaches Scouting skills.
image: Eagle_icon19.jpg Den Chief
The Den Chief helps Cub Scouts, Webelos and den leaders in the Cub Scout pack. He helps Cub Scouts advance through Cub Scout ranks and encourages Cub Scouts to join a Boy Scout troop upon graduation.
image: Eagle_icon19.jpg Order of the Arrow Representative
The Order of the Arrow Representative is a youth liaison serving between the local Order of the Arrow (OA) lodge or chapter and his troop. In his unit, he helps meet the needs of the unit and will serve as a communication and programmatic link to and from Arrowmen, adult leaders and Scouts who are not presently members of the Order. 
image: Eagle_icon19.jpg Webmaster
The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the Troop website.
image: Eagle_icon19.jpg Bugler
The Bugler should be able to make appropriate bugle calls, as requested, at troop activities. Serving as Bugler can apply towards positions of responsibility requirements for Star and Life but not Eagle.